Welcome to our

Webinar Marathon

Welcome to our 

February Webinar Marathon

If you are driven by the football career prospects in Continental Europe, these webinars are for you.

Our webinars are led by an ex professional MLS player and ex- professional Shepherd United coach for leading European clubs – Nick Donnelly.

Our Webinars

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1. Why player recruitment is a science?

  • The variables involved for the players to be successful in being scouted.
  • The importance of club level, family and school situation.
  • The factors affecting the player profile.
  • The players who succeeded or failed while on the trials in football clubs.
  • The timings of when the scouting reports are carried out.

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2. Why clubs on the Continent have a higher player requirement?

  • The differences of the player recruitment between the pre-academy 5-11 age group, academy 12-16 age group and pro-development phase 17-23 age group.
  • Why it is important to enjoy your journey while at the football club?
  • What is required to compete against the best players in Europe in your position (based on the case studies in Germany?)
  • How the continent stands out on the player philosophy?
  • Why at Continental Aspire Soccer we base our recruitment decisions on data?
  • The success stories of the Continental Aspire Soccer players.

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3. What is the mindset of a professional scout looking at a young player?

  • Evaluation of the potential of the player.
  • The ability to fit the club’s philosophy.
  • Can the player cope with the mentality of coming into an elite environment?
  • Parent involvement in the child’s development.
  • Motivation and attitude of the player.
  • The success stories of Continental Aspire Soccer players.

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4. When is a player ready to be signed by professional Academy in the Continental Europe?

  • The player pathway
  • The importance of player independence
  • Right personality and attitude – the sacrifices the players may overlook.
  • The authority of the coach and club (case studies of Didier Lemke ze of Royal Antwerp and Adam Salley.)
  • Why at Continental Aspire Soccer, we base our recruitment decisions on data.
  • The success stories of the Continental Aspire Soccer players.

Meet The Host

Nick Donnelly

Ex-professional footballer and the Founder of the Continental Aspire Soccer

Nick Donnelly is the CEO & Founder of the Continental Aspire Soccer.

Nick’s life and careers have always been around football. 

He started his professional football career with Bangor Boys Brigade and then progressed to Ards Rangers and Bangor F.C. Nick then moved to the boyhood club Linfield F.C.and DC United in the MLS.

In 2003, his football career ended as the result of the injury.

Nick has decided to apply his professional football experience to help other players to achieve their potential on the Continent. 

He placed the players for pro-league clubs in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and more. 

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