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NewCarly Barnes | on how her personality was affected by sports environment

This week we interview sports lawyer and director of Phoenix Sport & Media Group – Carly Barnes-Short.

Carly talks about the influence of sports on her life, personality and career, as well as the pros and cons of being a woman in the sports industry and a lot more.

John McCluskey | On the difference of the philosophy between Rebook, Nike & Adidasalists

This week we interview the man who pioneered Reebok into professional football.

John McCluskey gives us an insight into his 20+ years of sports marketing experience.

Throughout his career, he worked with the giant sports organizations including FIFA, NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, EPL.

We talk with John about:

– the experience of the lead sports brands with the top professional players

– an insider view on Rebook and its competitors

– the difference between American and European football fans and players

– and a lot more …

Vince Cooper | Tips for graduate sport journalists

Vince Cooper is an experienced football journalist.

Our guest talks about:

– the effect of the 24/7 news on the work of sports journalists

– tips on how to start a career in journalism  

Rudy Ybarra | On what makes a great footballer 

This week’s guest is Mexican/American youth soccer visionary.

We interview Rudy Ybarra about:

 – his playing career in the North American Soccer League (NASL);

– the influence of George Best on his career;

– why George Best, Franz Beckenbauer and Johan Neeskens moved to the NASL in their prime;

– problems in contemporary football, including the double standards in football created by the media. 

Hans Segers | On the challenges of being a goalkeeper

As a player, Hans spent eight years with Wimbledon where he featured in the Premier League.

He also played in England’s top flight for Nottingham Forest and Tottenham Hotspur.

Hans had spells in the Netherlands with PSV Eindhoven and in Scotland with Dunfermline Athletic, and in the Football League with Sheffield United, Stoke City, Wolverhampton Wanderers.

After retiring from his playing career, Hans became a goalkeeper-coach: first – in Tottenham Hotspur, then – Fulham and later – the Australian National team. 

We interview Hans about:

 – why Dutch football is struggling to produce goalkeepers at the top level

–  tips on what it takes for starting aspiring goalkeepers to get scouted •

–  working in the Dutch Eredivisie with PSV Eindhoven and Ado Den Haag

–  why Brian Clough was misunderstood by the media 

Colin Chambers | On being a professional scout

This week’s guest is a former first-team chief scout with 20 years of experience working in the Premier League with clubs such as Charlton Athletic, Blackburn Rovers, and Middlesbrough FC.

Colin Chambers is currently a Co-Founder of International Professional Scouting Organization, which provides high-quality scouting courses. Find out more about it here

We talk with Colin about:

– how to become an exceptional scout,

– problems in football scouting today,

– how IPSO is going to innovate player recruitment not as we know it,

– a new generation of scouts and much more. 

Meet The Host

Nick Donnelly

Continental Aspire Soccer CEO & Founder

Nick Donnelly is the CEO & Founder of the Continental Aspire Soccer – the professional football academy launched in 2018.

Nick has the passion for football since his childhood. He started his professional football career with Bangor Boys Brigade and then progressed to Ards Rangers and Bangor F.C. Nick then moved to the boyhood club Linfield F.C.and DC United in the MLS. Nick’s professional career has ended in 2003 as the result of injury.

In the later years, Nick moved to the football player recruitment and coaching for leading clubs in England, Scotland, Spain, Belgium, Holland, France, Greece and Italy.

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